Thursday, May 31, 2007

Out of the Shadows? WHAT Shadows?

One of the arguments pro-amnesty folks make is that America's heartless, draconian enforcement of our immigration laws is sending terrified illegal "undocumented workers" into the shadows of society.

Do these folks sound "terrorized" to you?

"[immigration] raids netted 23 workers from Orange County, CA who were asked to leave the country. At least four of them have re-entered the United States illegally and have since written to the federal Department of Labor to claim back wages, the Los Angeles Times reported. 'We didn't come back for a gift,' one of the Orange County workers, who like the others asked not to be identified because he feared deportation, told The Times. 'We came back for what we worked for. '" [emphasis added]

That's right--they're mailing letters to the federal government, presumably with return addresses, asking for checks. After re-entering the country illegally.

Could we get these folks BACK into the shadows, please?