Friday, June 29, 2007

If Only It Were True...

Maria Elena Letona, executive director of Centro Presente, a Cambridge organization that serves about 3,000 primarily Latino immigrants each year, said that several immigrants who are here illegally phoned her organization after the bill's failure yesterday to say they were nervous about their status.

"They're thinking, 'I am worried and frightened that I may lose my job any moment, that immigration officials will raid my home, that another year is going by when I won't see my family,' " Letona said.

First of all, shouldn't EVERYBODY who's breaking the law be nervous about it? Would we be upset if shoplifters were calling and saying "Gee, all these security guards. Last night when I slipped a watch into my pocket, I felt like I might get caught. It's terrible!"
Unfortunately, I don't think Ms. Letona is right about the attitude of criminal aliens in America. Check for yourself: Do the self-identified illegal immigrants in the photo above look like they're "nervous about their status?" They're immigration criminals, they are in flagrant violation of federal law, and they are sitting in the US Capitol building.

Whatever happened to "living in the shadows?"