Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deport Them Now!

After yet another horrific murder committed by an immigrant who should have been deported, Michelle Malkin has started a movement to pressure our government to do its primary and most important job: Protect citizens.

America has always welcomed immigrants, and we should. Immigrants in the past who have come to America to create better lives for themselves and their families have made America better, too.

But there is a new generation of immigrants (mostly illegal) who see America, not as the land of opportunity, but as the land of opportunism. Come here, commit crimes and continue to live off the generosity and largesse of the American people.

There is simply no excuse for any politician, no matter how liberal, who opposes deporting immigrants who commit violent crimes here in the United States. You wouldn't let a guest who attacked one of your children stay in your home. Why would we let immigrants who attack American children remain in our country?

This is a relatively easy problem to solve. All it requires is strength of will. When criminals are deported back to Mexico and Central/South America, activists at La Raza and other racist groups will complain loudly.

They should be ignored. Will they? Only if the rational American majority speaks out. That's what
DeportThemNow is all about.