Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trans Fats: The Natural Truth

Below are a few of the sources I mentioned during today's debates on trans fat. The bottom line: trans fat, like saturated fats, alcohol and numerous other substances, can increase the risks to your heath if you consume too much.

So why pick on trans fats? Because it's easy. It sets the precedent (the government has the right to criminalize your diet decisions) without taking on consumers directly.

That's today. But if trans fats are killing me in restaurants today, won't they still be killing me in the grocery store tomorrow? How long are we going to allow that?

Meanwhile, the beers I order are far more dangerous than the french fries I get at my local restaurant. How long will people like Rep. Koutoujian allow my local "restaurant owner" to abuse me by selling me alcohol? Ending all alcohol consumption would save far more lives than banning trans fat.

Or don't you care about the people you're letting die, Rep. Koutoujian?

Here are those links:

The New York Times finds that getting rid of trans fats isn't as easy as advertised:

More on the downside to diners of banning trans fats: