Monday, August 13, 2007

The Flintstone Factor?

The compressed presidential primary schedule has pushed everything forward this campaign season, and that includes the media. The "stupidest political story by a mainstream media moron" of the entire 2008 campaign has already been published.

"Fred, Fred, Fred: Thompson's Challenge Has A Name" reports on the burning question "Will Americans elect a guy named Fred?"

It's not a column. It's not a humorous op-ed. It's a (allegedly) news story. By a girl named "Monica."

No, not her. Here's some of Monica's "reporting.":


We are trying to understand.

We are willing to admit that that some people find Fred Thompson, yes,

But we still cannot understand what that means.

What does it signify that we, as a country, are choosing to deem yummy a
guy named Fred?

I wonder when Monica will write a piece about America's affection for a Democrat whose middle name is Hussein?