Friday, December 21, 2007

First It Was Senator "Flip Flop"... it's Governor "See Saw." (thanks to VB at Fox 25 for the inspiration!)

That's the media buzz here in Boston as
the painfully-Clintoneque "definition of 'saw'" video is re-played again and again. And with the Boston Herald's endorsement today of John McCain, the local press is gleefully noting that both of Gov. Romney's hometown papers have declined to endorse him.

There is definitely a "spurned lover" quality to the GOP anger against Romney here in Massachusetts. If Romney had wanted to be governor, he probably could have served two terms. Instead he governed like a guy running for president and left the folks back home feeling jilted.

This is mostly a local story, but the problem for Romney is that "local" includes New Hampshire GOP primary voters. On the other hand, the Boston media has been beating Mitt senseless for at least a year, and he's still leading handily in New Hampshire.

Jim Geraghty at National Review has the completely reasonable Romney rebuttal here. And in fact, this criticism of Romney is fundamentally unfair. Just as Mrs. Bill Clinton has NOT "seen an middle class struggling to pay for health care," despite her daily statements to the contrary, we all know what she means. Mitt Romney's dad was an MLK supporter, he did march in King-inspired marches (perhaps a march with King himself) and, as Geraghty pointed out, MLK said George Romney would make a great president. But the Massachusetts media is so vociferously, personally anti-Mitt that they don't care. The fact that the super-intellectual, nuance-admiring editors at the Boston Globe-Democrat can make a front page story out of a figure of speech reveals their intellectual dishonesty.

I've always said that Mitt Romney is not a New England Republican, and he'll always play better on the road than at home. I fully expect him to lose Massachusetts on February 5th--assuming there's a contested primary and a serious non-Huck opponent.

But if the "see vs. saw" video gets wide play across the country, it could be a defining moment (pardon the pun) for his candidacy.