Friday, December 14, 2007

Boston Big Wigs To Citizen Taxpayers: Road Disaster Is YOUR Fault!

Did you know that it's YOUR job to make sure Massachusetts roads are passable during a snowstorm--even a modest snowfall of 6-10"?

Did you know you caused the unplowed streets, those unsanded on-ramps and inclines? Did you know that you were responsible for the traffic jam caused when you left work early--like Gov. Patrick asked you to?

Yep, welcome to Boston: Where the government is always right--and the citizens are always screwed.

Like thousands of my listeners, I was stuck last night on Boston's unpassable, unplowed, police-free streets. In two and a half hours, I made it one mile away from the radio station and then back again. I never made it home.

It could have been worse. I could have followed the example of the state government, who sent its employees home at lunchtime. I could have done what Mayor Menino suggested when he sent city workers home about an hour later.

If I had, I could have (like many of you) spent up to 8 hours sitting in clogged roads, wondering "what the hell is going on?"

What kind of morons send their own state employees onto I-93 and the Mass Pike, but doesn't prepare those roads for the traffic first? What dope sends city employees onto city streets that aren't ready for the crowds?

Hey, Deval--It's YOUR freakin' road! Where were you last night, anyway? Christmas party (oooops--better make that a "Holiday" party for our good liberal governor) in the Berkshires?
That's where the Mayor was: a CHRISTMAS party in the middle of a "snow emergency!"

I'm sorry, but snow in Boston is not an emergency. Not 10", anyway. In one afternoon of utter government incompetence, Massachusetts looked like Mississippi--a bunch of clueless amateurs who'd never seen a snowflake before. And--Thanks, Governor--our embarrassing incompetence is once again national news.

And we citizens are the bad guys?

Our fine "public servants" tells us the storm is hitting at 2pm. They tell us to head home early if we can. They tell us to trust them, they've (as Boston Transportation Commissioner Timlin put it) "done everything we possibly can. Everything."

So we, the taxpaying suckers that we are, listen to them--and end up in the worst, most stupid, most unnecessary driving disaster in 20 years. And what do the fine "public servants" tell us then?

"It's YOUR fault! Why did you people leave early? We weren't ready! We weren't expecting it! There was no place to put you! You screwed up!"


Actually, the government stooges and their media bootlickers are right. This was the "Flounder Principle" at work. Remember him from the movie "Animal House?"

"Hey, you f---ed up. You trusted us."

Now THAT'S the Natural Truth.