Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another "Racist" Speaks Out Against Illegal Immigration

Sara Wright is a bigot. I know she is, because she supports enforcing immigration laws in the US. Just ask the folks at La Raza, or members of the Hispanic Caucus in the US Congress.

Ms. Wright also supports treating legal immigrants differently from illegal ones. And listen to what she said earlier this week about illegal immigrants:

"A lot of really bad people come from Mexico and commit crimes. People are coming in and having two, three, four babies and going on welfare. Some are making money here and spending it back in Mexico. That’s not right. They should go back to Mexico and get a permit.”

So, who is the xenophobic nativist promoting the White Power agenda?

Sara Wright is a 49 year old seamstress...from Mexico. She was just sworn in as a US citizen last week. She's also leaning Republican in the upcoming elections because of the issue of illegal immigration.

I'd love for the folks at LULAC or the other race-based pro-illegal-immigration organizations to explain to me how this woman from Mexico is bigoted against Mexicans. Hypnotized by Halliburton, perhaps?

Or could it possibly be the case that there are rational arguments in support of securing our borders and enforcing US law?

Naahhhh...that can't be it.