Friday, November 23, 2007

The Reviews Are In!

My lovely bride, The Warden, declared our Thanksgiving turkey "the best ever!" High praise, indeed, from a confirmed turkey addict. Her cornbread dressing was magnificent as always, and I'm delighted to report the Sweet Potato Praline Casserole was a hit, too.

And as a foodie, I was particularly pleased to wake up and find emails from listeners who tried the recipes I shared this holiday. Here is a sample of the feedback:

"I used your tip about soaking cheesecloth in butter for basting but I modified it a bit. The night before I took a half a pound of butter and about a cup of olive oil and boiled it with fresh herbs--rosemary thyme and sage--and used that to baste the turkey it was great. Probably the best turkey we ever had. Also stuffed it with roast veggies and pears (that we didn't eat just for the bird) and slow roasted it for almost 5 hours. I let it rest for 45 minutes after ....was the juiciest turkey ever!" -- Dennis.


"Michael, I've been cooking for years and have seen tons of recipes. However yours for the sweet potato casserole is simple and absolutely wonderful! Thank You! As always, the show is great, congrats on the old time slot. Happy Thanksgiving!" -- Bob