Friday, November 16, 2007

"Support Our Troops" Is An Offensive POLITICAL Message?

So says the Weiner who runs the Cambridge Election Commission. According to the Cambridge Chronicle, the reason she gave for booting the Boy Scouts collecting donations for soldiers at polling places is because of "a law that prohibits political messages near any polling station in an election."

In other words, supporting out troops is inherently political. You can't support the troops without supporting some specific political position.

WHAT position? The Weiner didn't say. But even if you agree with the City of Cambridge that supporting our troops is inherenly political, is she right that no political speech is allowed within 150 feet of polling places?

Uh, no. The only speech banned on Election Day is speech advocating a specific candidate. In fact, at least one of the polling places from which the Boy Scouts were ejected had some 75 fliers for other causes and issues, including "Get Out Of Iraq" and the College Democrats.

It turns out that, in Cambridge, the ONLY banned speech is speech supporting our troops. As the Troop leader said on my radio show this morning, his Scouts have had many service activities in Cambridge and on public property. This is the only time the city has complained, and it's the only time the Scouts were aiding our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All of which proves one thing: Cambridge does not support the war OR the troops.