Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cambridge: "We Support Our Troops, Except When We Don't."

They were just trying to collect donations for American troops. But the Boy Scouts end up getting busted by the City of Cambridge. All their boxes were taken down at polling stations for being too "pro-war."

That's how FOX 25 reports the story of a Scout troop that wanted to use Election Day as an opportunity to collect items for "care packages" they are sending to our soldiers and Marines abroad.

Scout Troop 45 got permission from the city of Cambridge TWICE to set up collection boxes and "Please Support Our Troops" signs at the 22 polling sites around the city. All was well, until a "Prius Patriot" showed his support for the troops by demanding the boxes be removed. The City of Cambridge promptly agreed and the Boy Scouts were ordered to cease and desist.

But wait--I thought the mantra of the Cambridge Kook was "I support the troops but oppose the war." So how is collecting mouthwash for our soldiers "too pro-war?" Unless, of course, supporting the troops at all is "pro-war." Which means it is, in the opinion of the loony Left, impossible to support the troops without supporting the war.

Could it be that the city of Cambridge has unintentionally revealed the Natural Truth about the Left's position on the war?

WANT TO SUPPORT THE SCOUTS OF TROOP 45? All the info you need is here.