Thursday, November 08, 2007

This Is What The Boston Globe-Democrat Says Is NOT News

Al Qaeda In Iraq has been routed. Defeated. In IRAQ. Booted from Baghdad.

And the news in today's Boston Globe-Democrat? "Teacher Is Shot On Way To School In Baghdad." That's the only story on Iraq in today's Globe-Democrat, other than a piece about the "crimes" committed by the Americans working for Blackwater.

Obviously the death of a teacher, or anyone else, is tragic. But compared to "American forces have routed Al Qaeda in Baghdad," is it really the most newsworthy event? After all, a teacher was just shot outside a school in MIAMI a couple of days ago. Should America withdraw from Florida?

As the situation in Iraq continues to improve, as the military continues to succeed, we are reaching the point where the media coverage from the Boston Globe-Democrat, CBS, CNN, etc. moves from 'bias' to actual dishonesty. Spend a few minutes every day reading the independent reporting from Baghdad being done by Michael Yon, and it becomes clear just how many news stories are being passed over by the mainstream media.

Imagine a Colorado newspaper reporting that the Red Sox lost the World Series. Would we dismiss that as mere bias, or would it be out-and-out lying. War isn't a game and there may not be a final out in the War On Terror, but if the Boston Globe-Democrat had reported on the Red Sox with the same integrity as they are the war in Iraq, Sox fans would have been stunned when they made the playoffs, and astonished when they swept the World Series.

It's possible the liberal media establishment may be just as stunned by events in Iraq. Let's hope so. And let's hope that, one day, the "news" papers realize they missed a very big story.