Friday, October 26, 2007

Deval, I Didn't Know You Cared....

Governor Patrick, please--I'm blushing.

After all, how many radio talk show hosts get mentioned by the governor during a speech at Faneiul Hall?

During a speech Wednesday night, Governor Patrick, the "Cadillac of Governors" as he's known on my show, called me out for my allegedly "racist" on-air comments. What outrageous observation did I make? That the reason he endorsed Barack Obama was because the Illinois Senator is black.

Pretty shocking, right?

Then, just to make sure nobody missed the point, Gov. Patrick compared my comments to "nooses found on college campuses and a disproportionate number of minorities affected by the spike in foreclosures."

That last comment is particularly stinging, coming as it does from Gov. Ameriquest.

Now, if the governor were merely slinging this knee-jerk nonsense at me, I'd take the compliment and move on. But when he insulted the listeners of 96.9 WTKK, he crossed the line.

He called you out for your "ensuing lack of reaction" to my words. As one of his aides put it:

"Governor Patrick used [Graham's comments] as an example of intolerance and...words that are out there still, and sometimes don't even raise an eyebrow."

I've made the observation that Gov. Patrick's decision to dump Hillary in favor of Sen. Obama was based on race many times. Yes, it's true, nobody has ever raised an objection (or eyebrow) before. And yes, I suppose one reason might be, as the governor suggests, that WTKK listeners are all Klan members giving each other the secret handshake when they should be denouncing my "racist" rantings.

But isn't the more likely reason that nobody has complained about my Patrick/Obama observation is...because it's so painfully, obviously true?

Seriously, is there anyone doesn't believe Gov. Patrick's endorsement of Obama is all about race?

Governor, I'm delighted that you're part of the audience and you're certainly more than welcome to call in anytime, but please--there isn't anybody in the Commonwealth with an IQ in double-digits who doesn't know that your support for Barack Obama is centered entirely on race.

Are you really denying it? Do you really saying "Oh, no, it had NOTHING to do with race. Why, I endorsed a less-than-one term US Senator with no foreign policy experience who's already losing to Hillary by 31% for all those other great reasons, uh, like...."


To believe that Gov. Patrick's endorsement is not based on race, one must believe that if Barack Obama where instead Irish white guy Bill O'Bannion from Chicago--with the same ideology and (lack of) political experience--Deval would be endorsing him over Hillary.

I don't even know many Democrats dumb enough to believe that.

I assume Gov. Patrick agrees with me that anyone who votes against him or Sen. Obama because they're black is an idiot. I've repeatedly said so on the air. But how are those voters significantly different from the ones who would for FOR these two men for the same reason?

For the record, Gov. Patrick has a standing invitation to appear on my radio show anytime he'd like. As a regular listener, he must know this.

But please, Governor. Let's watch the name-calling....