Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Deval-Unteers Strike Again!

Doug Rubin got a state job as Deval Patrick's chief of staff. Only one problem: He already had a job as political consultant for the Niki Tsonga's widow's tour...er congressional campaign. What's a flak to do?

Become a Deval-Unteer!

You remember Gov. Patrick's "Deval-unteer" program, don't you? It's a taxpayer-funded program that pays state employees to "volunteer" for community service. And Niki Tsongas thinks it's a great idea.

When asked how a state employee could continue to run her campaign, Niki Tsongas said Rubin would work as a "paid volunteer."

Is this like an "earned gift" or a "free hooker?" If you can figure it out, there's a spot on a Democratic campaign staff waiting for you.

Who knows--you might even get paid.