Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hillary's In Like Flynn

The latest numbers from New Hampshire prove what people like Jay Severin and I have been saying for years: Hillary Rodham has a lock on the Democratic nomination for president.

The New York Democrat registered 43 percent in the latest poll, 23 points
more than Obama, an Illinois senator. In a similar poll conducted in July, only
9 points separated the candidates, with Clinton then at 36 percent and Obama at
27 percent.

Meanwhile, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards stands at 12 percent
in the latest poll, three points higher than July. New Mexico Gov.Bill
Richardson is at 6 percentage points, 5 points lower than the last survey from

On the Republican side, by the way, Mitt Romney's once-significant lead in the Granite State is gone. The latest WMUR/CNN poll has Romney at 23%, Giuliani at 22% and McCain surging at 12%. In July, the Romney/Rudy split was a solid 33-18%.

Romney has to win Iowa and New Hampshire. Giuliani can lose them both and still clean up in Florida and the Super-Duper Tuesday primaries. Keep an eye on these numbers.