Thursday, September 20, 2007

From The Mailbag

Lots of emails regarding Sophie's choice to sue over the National Medical Examiners Test because, she claims, the fact that she's a nursing mom makes it "impossible" for her to take the exam without breaking more than every 2 1/2 hours:

"To Sophie the whiner .... put on your big girl panties and deal with it. " -- Elinor.

"Did you say Sophie is taking a medical test? She has ADD and/or AHD? She failed the test at least once already? She CHOSE to have a baby and try to take this test and at this time. If she has all these “excuses” and problems, perhaps she should re-evaluate her career options. I wouldn’t want her involved in my medical care." -- Karen in Uxbridge.

"It gets me all riled up! I breast fed for 18 months. 2 hours isn’t so long. When I was lucky my kid slept for 2 hours or more at a clip and so did I, not thinking about pumping or whatever. If this woman is so concerned she needs to put on a nursing bra with some pads in it and massage her breasts while she is taking the test. Ok, she’ll end up damp and maybe chafed, but, there you go. I used to work at a major teaching hospital and part of my job was credentialing doctors. This all made me think of one thing – Malpractice. What goes around comes around generally speaking. I hope she’s ready for the mother of all malpractice suits having upset the apple cart so early with her own lawsuit.

Who knows, maybe she wants to be a Psychiatrist – and wouldn’t that explain a lot? " --Christine in Framingham.

"Doog monring Michael,

As for the breast-feeding mother that claims that the time is too long without a break...
I would hate to be in for surgery with her and having it go over time, what would she do then?

Regards, nairB.