Friday, November 16, 2007

The Boston Globe-Democrat's "Divisive" Politics

When does a political issue become "divisive?" When you disagree with the Boston Globe-Democrat, that's when.

In an analysis of the Democratic candidates problem with the drivers licenses for illegal immigration issue,
the Globe-Democrat worries that the "GOP may exploit this divisive issue." Divisive? 70% of voters oppose it, a huge majority. Where's the so-called "divide?" The same is true of issues like partial-birth abortion and racial quotas, both solidly opposed by a majority of Americans, but labelled "divisive" by the BG-D.

Meanwhile, when the SJC overruled the will of a majority of Massachusetts citizens and created legal same-sex marriage, the Globe-Democrat praised them. When Gov. Patrick urged the state legislature to ignore the state constitution in order to keep the majority of citizens from voting on the issue, the Globe-Democrat cheered.

So when 70% of us disagree with the Globe-Democrat, we're "divided," but when a minority imposes the BG-D's will on the rest of us, we're united?

To the Massachusetts Left, "united" means "doing what we tell you to."