Saturday, November 24, 2007


Does this make sense to anyone who DOESN'T work for Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick?

"A person who happens to be here illegally who is a law-abiding person should not have to worry that the State Police are going to be trying to figure out their status and turning them over to immigration," said Kurt Schwartz, [Gov. Patrick's] state undersecretary of law enforcement and fire services. "But a person who is here illegally who is not law-abiding may well find themselves being investigated for violations of
state law."

A brief pause so your head can stop spinning, too.

That quote is from a news story about Gov. Patrick's written police for the State Police ordering them to ignore the immigration status of criminals they encounter while doing their day-to-day work.

OK, what is a person who "happens to be here illegally?" What does that even mean? Are these people saying "Ooops, I'm so sorry. Am I not supposed to be here? You mean people AREN'T allowed to sneak into the US strapped to the bottom of a tractor trailer? Gee, I didn't know..."

And how can you be "a law-abiding person" while simultaneously committing tax fraud and identity fraud (which every illegal immigrant is doing right now)? Despite what this nitwit Kurt Schwartz says, it is currently a violation of Massachusetts state law for an illegal immigrant to work in this state. Not to mention the fact that remaining in the US illegally is a FELONY.

Meanwhile, the Patrick administration is simply lying when they talk about State Police "trying to figure out" the immigration status of people they encounter. That's a separate issue from the fact that State Police officers are in some cases confronted with the fact that the person they're dealing with is illegal, and Gov. Patrick is telling them to ignore it.

A law enforcement officer has a federal law breaker in custody, and the Governor of Massachusetts is ordering that officer to let the criminal go free.

Like another criminal released by a Massachusetts Democrat said recently, "Only in Massachusetts."