Thursday, November 29, 2007

"None Of Your Damn Business"

After days of refusing to appear on my radio show, MA state rep. Jay Kaufman (who calls himself an "outspoken leader" on his website) finally appeared on air this morning to answer a few basic questions about his legislation to ban corporal punishment.

You can listen to the entire interview for yourself
here, but what I found most telling was his reaction when I asked this man, who wants the legislature to govern how we raise our children, whether or not he spanked his own kids.

His answer: "None of your damn business."

And there, in five words, is the official motto of the ruling elites of Massachusetts. When we question their decisions, their competency, their motives, the answer is "None of your damn business."

As a judge why she released a violent, dangerous murderer on his own recognizance: "None of your damn business."

Why is the income tax still illegally high, even after a direct vote of the people to lower it? "None of your damn business."

Why did Deval Patrick hire a notorious incompetent who was chased out of Washington State to be our new corrections chief? "None of your damn business."

Why is it OK for legislators to pass laws telling us how to raise our children, but then turn around and tell us it's none of our damn business how they raise their own? "None of your damn business."

But there is one question the media elites and political hacks cannot stop us for asking or answering: Why do the citizens of Massachusetts put up with this?

When we can answer that question, we'll be getting somewhere.

UPDATE: My Boston Herald column on Rep. Kaufman and spanking the Establishment Elites is here.