Monday, December 10, 2007

What Are They Hiding At The Boston Globe-Democrat?

Earlier today I posted an article mocking the AP's use of the phrase "illegal citizen" (whatever the heck that means) for "illegal immigrant." Soon after I got an email from a listener saying they read the line in the Boston Globe-Democrat today. I re-read the story and didn't see it.

So she scanned her morning paper and, sure enough, there it is on the front page. Some editor at the Globe-Democrat must have seen the "illegal citizen" idiocy in the early editions and killed it.

So what does this say about the reporter, Michael Levenson, and the editor who directly oversees his work--other than a)they're lousy writers; b) they have a political agenda; or c) both?

I'd love to see how the Boston Globe-Democrat ombudsman handles this one...