Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cadillac Patrick Rides Again!

First it was the taxpayer-funded DTS (Deval Transportation System).

Then came the $12,000 drapes.

Now Deval Patrick--the Cadillac of Governors--is sticking taxpayers with an additional $1.1 million in office payroll--33% higher than when he took office.

When Cadillac Pat was sworn in, only three employees in the governor's office earned six-figure salaries. Now it's 11. Not to mention the extra $450k a year increase in the governor's DC (as in Washington, DC) office budget.

Meanwhile, the state is $1.3 billion in the hole, tolls are going up again, roads and bridges are crumbling and there's no sign of Gov. Patrick's promised tax relief.

But who cares? We didn't elect Deval Patrick because of his vast political experience (none) or track record as a business leader (what business?). No, we elected him because....Together, We Can!

And now--We Are!

Are what? Who knows. You'll have to ask Gov. Patrick that question.