Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Racial Profiling At the Boston Globe-Democrat

Nobody is having more fun watching Mitt Romney get slowly roasted over the "illegal immigration" fire then yours truly. No other issue more clearly highlights Romney's fundamental problem as a candidate ("Tell me what I have to say to win, and I'll say it") than this one.

I will be mocking Mitt mercilessly on the show today because he deserves it. This is classic "Fool me once" political stupidity, and it raises a legitimate question about how smart Team Romney really is.

But while I have absolutely no problem with the message, I have a major problem with the messenger. Let's see if I have the story straight:

Late last year, some Boston Globe-Democrat reporters saw a group of swarthy-looking men with foreign accents raking Mitt's lawn. Operating on the assumption that "swarthy-looking + accent = immigration criminal," reporters from the BG-D began a background check on these poor, innocent workers struggling to pay the bills in a bigoted, mean-spirited country called America. The reporters' race-based assumptions proved to be true. The workers were here illegally, and the Boston Globe-Democrat got them all fired by going public with the information.

When more swarthy, accent-wielding workers were spotted at Casa del Romney, the BG-D sent reporters to stake out the governor's home. For two months, reporters hung out at the "sanctuary mansion," spying on Hispanic people. Eventually they sprung their trap, and the results are on
the front page of today's Boston Globe-Democrat.

Another front-page story, another headache for Mitt Romney, all because...the Boston Globe Democrat believes in racial profiling. Attention Massachusetts law enforcement! Please take note MassPort! The editors and owners of the Boston Globe-Democrat want you to know that racial profiling works!

Gutless weasels from the Boston Globe-Democrat will never admit it, but if the guys raking leaves at the Romney place had been blond and blue eyed, these reporters never would have asked their immigration status. BG-D defenders who refuse to acknowledge this blatant racism ignore the fact that nobody has asked the immigration status of, say, Romney's CPA, or family attorney, or the computer tech who comes to his house, or the mailman (person?), or a host of others employed by Mitt Romney.

Nope. The only background checks run by the Boston Globe-Democrat are on Mitt's yard workers. The "little brown ones," as a certain former president put it.

And yet, the BG-D continues to editorialize against racial profiling at airports or by law enforcement. The same editors who think it's OK to send out reporters to ask questions about people's immigration status also think it's racism when police officers do it. Catching criminals is bad, according to Rene Loth and Martin Baron, but catching Romney's household help is good.

One last note: I've noticed that quite a few of the folks I see delivering papers for the Boston Globe-Democrat are swarthy, too. It's not uncommon for them to have last names similar to those of Romney's landscapers. Some BG-D delivery guys and truck drivers have accents, too.

When will the Boston Globe-Democrat do a story on the immigration status of their drivers/paper deliverers? And when I go around with a tape recorder and start interviewing some of these folks, will the BG-D praise my enterprising journalistic spirit? Or will they denounce me as a racist for even asking the question.

You know the answer to that one.