Monday, February 11, 2008

Is It Really "McCain vs. The Insane?"

That's how the McCain-anites, the McCain "true believers" are trying to portray the opposition to his nomination by GOP conservatives.

Either you're with McCain, or you're some kind of nut.

Andrew McCarthy, who shares my same concerns about McCain,
confronts this argument directly today.

But for me to conclude McCain would surely appoint conservative judges, I also have to believe campaign-finance and the Geneva Convention weren’t all that big a deal to him after all — a possibility that runs counter to everything McCain’s fans tell us about his fidelity to principle. He’s fought tirelessly for years, in the teeth of blistering criticism, to establish campaign-finance regulations, and I’m now supposed to believe he’ll just shrug his shoulders and meekly name judges who’ll torpedo the whole enterprise — all in the name of upholding a judicial philosophy I’m not even sure he grasps? How exactly is it deranged to have my doubts?

McCarthy also points out that McCain got beaten twice this weekend by the travelling tent revival known as the Huckabee campaign, and that three out of four Republicans who voted this weekend voted AGAINST McCain. He's virtually unopposed, and he's still losing the Republican vote.

For two weeks, I mocked Mitt Romney by pointing out that he was such a weak candidate he couldn't even beat Mike Huckabee. Now John McCain has the same problem. The big difference, of course, is that Romney isn't going to be on the ballot in November.