Monday, March 03, 2008

Do It For The Polar Bears!

Why would parents willingly put "WMD-Brand" mercury-filled night lights in the kids' playroom? Why, for the polar bears, of course!

But when you read the Maine Department of Environmental Protection's instructions on what to do when one of these bulbs break, you really have to ask yourself "How many enviro-whackjobs does it take to change a lightbulb?"

Answer: Don't change it! It will kill you! Run away!

I quote extensively from the Maine DEP
my latest Boston Herald column, because the CFL issue highlights the fundamental stupidity of Al Gore's policy of panic: There is no connection between the price of the actions Greenies advocate and the problem they claim to be solving.

If global warming kooks were urging us to pay an extra 50 cents for lightbulbs and could show any connection at all to the "problem" of climate change, I'd say "fine!" Small cost, some potential benefit. Great.

Instead, they want to quadruple the cost of my reading light's bulb, decrease the quality of the light, potentially turn my home into a Superfund clean-up site, add mercury to the waste disposal system---all while being unable to demonstrate that there's any significant warming going on in the first place!

Fighting global warming: It's all cost and no benefit.

Meanwhile, those of you who email me after every show in which I share science re: global warming and ask "Graham, where are you GETTING those facts?"--don't feel badly. There's
a new study of media coverage on the subject proving that you aren't getting the straight dope from the mainstream media.

Hardly a surprise for regular listeners to the Natural Truth.