Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Fools" Is Right

I love this cartoon, which says so much about the big-government-types (think a certain junior senator from Illinois) who are far more focused on making themselves feel better than they are actually making the world better.

The "let's spend billions turning third-world food into ethanol for my Prius!" program is just one example of many. What makes this eco-stupidity stand out is the self-righteous arrogance of the greenies pushing it. They are literally taking food out of the mouths of poor people--and spending billions of tax dollars to do it!--and then accusing those of us who oppose them of not caring enough.

"If you really loved Mother Earth, you wouldn't mind a few food riots in Haiti..."


Speaking of fools, another person who belongs on the eco-idiot list is Newsweek's Evan Thomas. This is not news to anyone who's read more than a paragraph or two of his turgid prose and junior-high debate club rhetoric.

I was stunned when I saw a Newsweek headline today, "Global Warming's Curious Absence."

What? Was Newsweek finally going to report on the real climate change story of 2008, namely that global temperatures have either been flat or falling for a decade now? Were they going to report on the Nobel laureate who wrote the IPCC and urged them to read their own science instead of promoting global warming panic? Were they going to confront Al Gore with the question "Is the theory of global warming worth the price of real starvation in the world?"

Was Newsweek finally going to report the rest of the story?!

The "global warming" Mr. Thomas is marking absent is the political issue.

National polls show that the environment ranks fairly low as an issue that moves voters. In the Pennsylvania primary global warming was such a peripheral issue that exit pollsters did not even bother to measure voter attitudes toward it.

Gee, you think maybe 10 years of NO WARMING might have something to do with that?

To his credit, Mr. Thomas does make the key admission that Gorons like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Deval Patrick will not:

President Bush talks about cutting the rate of growth by 20 percent or so. But that won't do much to keep the temperatures down or the seas from rising....The only way to get from here to there on slashing greenhouse emissions is by massively enforcing limits on consumption, which means heavy regulation, or much higher taxes. Or by developing breakthrough technologies, like a way to cheaply recapture carbon emissions or safer nuclear technology. (The technology has to be so cheap that China and India will buy it.)

Cutting emissions by 20% (imagine unplugging every 5th lightbulb in your house, or firing every 5th co-worker) will do nothing. Got it? The greenies will only accept massive, draconian measures that will cost, by their own estimates, trillions of dollars and cost millions of jobs.

All based on the theory that our ever-changing climate, which regularly cycles between sunny grasslands in Greenland and ice cover in Germany, is changing the "wrong" way this time, and it's all our fault.

Is there anything liberals won't do in the name of guilt?