Monday, June 02, 2008

From The Irony-Challenged Anger-Mongers of Media Matters

My friends at DevalPatrickWatch sent me a link to this posting from the loony-Left, Clinton-funded website Media Matters For America:

Guest host on Beck suggests if Obama elected, political correctness will kill comedy: "[E]veryone will be so scared of saying anything"

MMA then proceeds to quote me accurately from my appearance on the Glenn Beck TV show::

GRAHAM: Are your comedian friends telling you what my talk show's telling me, which is, if we have a President Obama, comedy will be dead? Not because of any, you know, political action or government action, because everyone will be so scared of saying anything.

You'll be scared to order blackened red fish, because you're afraid that an African-American or Native American will beat the crap out of you for it.

My comments offended the folks at Media Matters because...well, their posting never states why they object. They present this comment as objectionable on its face. Graham's comments are so, so shocking, they need no explanation!

Uh, OK.

My best guess is that they believe I said something racist or related to race. If so, they're argument is "Michael Graham says that electing Barack Obama will dampen free speech because of fears over accusations of racism--that racist!"

Thanks for making my point, guys.

UPDATE: Stephanie Miller, who allegedly has a radio show somewhere, joins the "stop saying we'll call you a racist, you racist!" bandwagon. At least she has the courtesy (or clarity) to accuse me of racism directly, though she doesn't explain it. Apparently the phrase "blackened redfish" is now a racial pejorative. I'll leave that to the free-speech-lovin' folks on the Loony Left.