Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Can't Win For Losing

The CBS headline makes its message very clear: "Little Gain In Big Win For Clinton."

The presumptive Democratic nominee, Sen. Obama, just lost to a woman who cannot get the nomination by almost 40%(!); in a state, West Virginia, that every Democrat who made it to the White House has won since 1916; and the relentless, insistent "reporting" from the Mainstream Media is...."Nothing to see here, folks. Move along."

Question: Are Democrats stinkin' insane?

MSNBC, Time and the Washington Post can continue to openly insult every white person to the right of Michael Moore if they want, but it won't change the Natural Truth for Barack Obama: You can't beat the math.

Forget actually winning white Democrats in a primary. Sen. Obama hasn't gotten above 40% of his fellow Democrats who are white to vote for him since February 19th. In West Virginia Hillary--the most unlikeable politician this side of Newt Gingrich--trounced Sen. Obama among white voters both with college degress and without.

Among any group of rational people, the question of the day would be "What's wrong with our candidate?"

But these are not rational people. They are MoveOn.org liberals and members of the media (redundancy alert!). And so they are asking "What's wrong with you ignorant voters?"

Those "ignorant" voters are trying to teach you something, my Democratic friends. Are you determined not to hear them?

If so, you could very well be learning this lesson the hard way. In November.