Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Witches And The, Other Liberals

I was asked by a fellow passenger flying out to San Francisco this weekend why the Democrats hadn't nominated some moderate, middle-of-the-road candidate for president. "[Clinton and Obama] are the only two Democrats who could lose!"

The reaason, I told him, is that the Democratic Party nominating process is dominated by its left wing in the way that the press has repeatedly (and erroneously) told us the GOP is dominated by "right-wing evangelicals." In the GOP, candidates like Pat Robertson and Allan Keyes run. But in the Democratic Party, they win.

I got a glimpse of these true believers here in the Bay area watching coverage of--I kid you not--a self-declared group of "witches, crones and sirens" protesting the Marine recruiting office in Berkeley. They gathered with their brooms and cauldrons to cast spells, invoke the spirit of Gaia, and generally confirm America's belief that 1/3 of the American Left is, in fact, certifiably insane.

You can find more coverage and video here.

The good news is that folks like Melanie Morgan and her friends at Move America Forward are willing to take the time to confront these morons and make sure people notice just how anti-American and anti-rational their views are.

In fact, I am in San Fran to give a speech at a Move America Forward fundraiser, and I am certainly proud to be a part of their efforts to support out troops and mock the Left.