Friday, May 02, 2008

Cambridge, The City Of Peace, Love And Anti-Israeli Terrorism

As the manholes continue exploding and the city streets are engulfed in flame this morning, the People's Republic of Cambridge reminds us that running a city this stupidly doesn't come cheap.

We already know that the Cambridge City Council and its mayor are the most expensive elected government in America. The city also has a taxpayer-funded co-called "Peace Commission," who's head recently organized a trip to the West Bank. Their strategy for promoting peace?

Hide the gays and Jews.

    • "Being openly gay or lesbian is outside the cultural norms of Palestinian life..."
    • "It is best that you not raise the issue of being gay or lesbian with Palestinians.."
    • "It's best not to practice your Hebrew with Palestinians even if someone uses it with you."
    • "It is better not to wear a kippah or yarmulke in Palestinian communities. Again, while our hosts are glad to meet Israelis and Jews, there are many eyes and ears watching for collaborators."

These are just a few of the tips the Cambridge Peace Commission gave local folks participating in their fact-finding trip to the West Bank. Or should I call it a "fact-making" trip.

Here are a couple of directives from the Peace Commission to the participants:

"It carries great weight to be able to say, 'I've seen with my own eyes the suffering that the Israeli occupation causes. Our government's support for it compounds it.'"

"With care and permission, photos of the effects of the occupation are good; a family standing in front of its bulldozed house; people who have been hurt, etc."

There's much more in this outstanding article by Hillel Stavis. The story--particularly of the elderly Jewish liberal offering to do what she calls her "'I escaped from Nazi Vienna and am unhappy with what Israel does' schtick" shows just how anti-Israel the Left has become.

It reminds me of Green Party lunatic Grace Ross running for governor here in Massachusetts in 2006, while simultaneously attending an event commemorating Black September, and attending pro-Hezbollah rallies. The Boston Globe-Democrat declined to write even one story about. Apparently it's no longer newsworthy when the Left public associates itself with anti-Semitic terrorism.

Will elected officials in the city of Cambridge be held responsible for supporting and funding this blatant propaganda? I believe so.

I predict their poll numbers will immediately go up.