Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rev. Wright Round-Up

In today's Boston Herald, I drop the "N-bomb" on the Rev. Wright, and I do so without apology. Please send your complaints to michaelgraham@969wtkk.com .

Across the page from me, George Will makes the point that Rev. Wright "...is a demagogue with whom Obama has had a voluntary 20-year relationship that implies, if not moral approval, certainly no serious disapproval....[Wright] wants to be a central figure in this presidential campaign. He should be."

Meanwhile, Dem-friendly Washington Post has an excellent (and devastating) wrap up of Rev. Wright's most significant comments yesterday.

And Byron York reports that the whispers of "why would Sen. Obama take his CHILDREN to that hate church?" have gotten so loud, the senator is almost certainly going to be forced to leave TUCC.

Oh, and speaking of TUCC and Rev. Wright's practice of Black Liberation Theology, the Reverend once again mentioned his mentor, Dr. James Cone, in his press event yesterday. Here's a reminder of the "love" preached by Dr. Cone and his "theology."