Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Another Cadillac Kook Runs Down The Taxpayers

First it was Deval Patrick--The Cadillac of Governors!-- and his million-dollar coronation, art house helicopter trips and $1200 a month DTS.

Now it's Cambridge Mayor Ken "No Receipt" Reeves, living large on the taxpayer dime. The title "mayor" is largely ceremonial, but that hasn't stopped Reeves from becoming the highest-paid mayor of a mid-sized city in America. If $92,000 sounds like a lot for a ceremonial position, remember that his fellow Cambridge city councilors are also America's highest paid--$62k for a parttime job.

But even that isn't enough bling for Big Time Reeves. In less than six months, he's spent more than $11,000 on trips, travel and perks--including a $521 dinner in New York City. It's all official business, Reeves assures us, but he won't say who it was he actually had this official lunch with. He also tossed all his receipts. No documentation. No paperwork. Just a city-provided credit card and--thanks to a recent vote by his fellow Cambridge councilors--a new travel budget of $40,000 per. (All of last year, the mayor of Boston spent less than $9k on travel).

When asked for documents and details about his travel, Reeves' spokesflak made the kind of statement one only hears these days from the diehard devotee of the loony Left:

"The public should take Reeves at his word. The mayor doesn't spend any money that doesn't directly related to the city of Cambridge...the electorate of Cambridge elected Mayor Reeves...because they trust him to use city funds accordingly."

Right. Especially after that incident when Reeves "accidentally" collected an extra $30,000 in his paychecks in the 1990s. Once the "error" was discovered, Reeves paid it all back. He says.

Imagine the reaction of kooky Cambridge if a conservative was racking up $250 dinners on the taxpayer dime, didn't bother to keep the receipts and then told the taxpayers "Paperwork? Records? C'mon--you can trust me!"

The same people who are so paranoid they believe Haliburton blew up the World Trade Center want me to take Ken Reeves word for it when he says "I am not a crook."