Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Michael, You Can't Say That about...JOE WILSON!

I'm accustomed to getting into trouble for on-air comments, and I'm extremely accustomed to getting angry reactions from the loony Left. But even I am taken aback by the reaction to my fairly pedestrian description of failed foreign-service lackey Joe Wilson as a "bag, fat, lying sack."

What's the big deal?

Thanks to the
Moonbat Media, you can watch (listen?) to my comments on the Imus show this morning. But the MBM don't explain exactly what they object to. Did I say something that was factually incorrect? If so, nobody has told me what it was.

Here are a couple of emails I've received on the subject:

Mr. Graham:

I heard you on Imus calling Joe Wilson a LIAR ?

Why do you and your "ilk" i.e. rightwingnuts hate America so much ?

If you truly believe Wilson was lying then you must be getting [another talk show host]money from the Bush crime family eh? Or is it that you just like the thought of sucking on Bush/Cheney's little pee-pee's ?

If I didn't think you actually believed all the crap you spew it'd be funny.


Where is your proof that joe wilson is a liar? cause from what ive seen, everything he said is the truth. and, the administration ruined his wife's career because he called them the liars they are. so, spare us the indignant outrage and baseless accusations. i want proof tough guy. you're just a hot air balloon like hannity, like [still another talk show host]. your audience are [sic] probably borderline retarted, which is why you still have a job.

Why the angry Lefties feel the need to attack my listeners, and even other talk show hosts, when they're mad at me, I have no idea. But note the utter absence of facts, or even arguments.

I'm not surprised people are unclear on the Joe Wilson story. The media have worked overtime to bury the obvious facts (like those I laid out on the Imus show today) in order to sell the "Karl Rove Outed 007 Plame To Punish Hero Joe Wilson" story. Too bad it's not true.

You can read an excellent wrap up of the Wilson debacle
here. A funnier but less detailed account is here.

Bottom line: Joe Wilson lied. About how he got the Niger gig, about what happened while he was there, about what he told the CIA afterwards, and about the non-existent "conspiracy" to get him--pretty much everything that matters.

The Natural Truth is, a hack like Joe Wilson was never worth getting.