Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank You, Boston!

I hope every WTKK listener takes a moment to read this morning's article by Jessica Heslam in the Boston Herald on talk radio and ratings. If you do, the loud cheering and clapping you hear in the background will be Jim Braude, Margery Eagan, Jay Severin, Michelle McPhee and I saying "thank you" for the tremendous success.

Longtime listeners of WTKK know that there has been almost constant change since I arrived at the station, some of them planned and some of them (thanks, Al Sharpton) foist upon us. One fact Jessica misses in her Herald article is that these new ratings numbers are the first with the finalized line-up in place.

It proves that our management, from Peter Smyth in the big chair, to Phil Redo and Grace Blazer, were right to commit to being live and local 13 straight hours every day. WTKK is one of the few talk stations in America to make that commitment to local programming, and I believe (to quote a Newton alderman) it's what the people of Boston expect and deserve.

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making WTKK such a great success. The good news is--thanks to Obama, McCain and Mrs. Bill Clinton--it's only going to get better!