Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Press And Obama: They Still Don't Get It

Graham Natural Truth #2: "You'll never explain to people who just don't get it, that the problem is they just don't get it."

As today's Natural Truth quote demonstrates, there are many, many people on the Left who just don't get the Barack Obama/Rev. Wright story at all. They still insist that neither man has done anything that should in any way impact Sen. Obama's presidential bid. And they blame any potential political damage on those evil Republicans.

In today's Boston Globe-Democrat, for example, Peter Canellos, says that, by continuing to support Rev. Wright for the past 12 months, "Obama gave his political enemies a chance to tie him to Wright's statements." Gee, Pete, you don't think the whole "attending his church for 20 years, making him your spiritual sounding board and giving him $50,000 over the past two years in donations" thing might have had something to do with tying Sen. Obama to this racist nutjob?

Scott Lehigh goes even farther. He admits that he would be "more comfortable if Obama had left the Trinity United Church of Christ during Wright's long tenure," but then insists that "it was never fair to read [Obama's] failure to do so as an endorsement of Wright's outlandish views."

So in Lehigh's world, I could regularly attend John Birch Society meetings for 20 years, but it would be unfair to assume I fear a blue-helmeted invasion of the US led by the Trilateral Commission? I could give $50,000 in 2006 and 2007 to Hamas, but it would be unfair to assume I support violent attacks on Israel?

Here's the deal: We have now reached the "eatin' ain't cheatin'" point of the Barack Obama candidacy. Democrats are going to nominate him, period. They can't do anything about his indefensible support for Black Liberation Theology or the ranting Rev. So they're doing what Clinton supporters did during the Lewinsky scandal. They've thrown their "cognitive dissonance" amp up to 11 and are convincing themselves for the moment that they believe the unbelievable.

During the Lewinsky story, several Lefty friends and acquaintances assured me that they absolutely believed Bill Clinton's claim that, while Monica might have been having sex with him, he was certainly not having sex with her. Therefore there was no perjury and Ken Starr was Satan, etc., etc. Today, those same Lefties insist they never said any such thing, that they knew Clinton was lying the whole time, blah, blah.

One year from now, when Barack Obama is NOT the elected Democratic president, liberal pundits will admit without embarrassment that there was never any way to justify the racist, anti-American lunacy of Barack Obama's chosen church. They will acknowledge that voters were completely justified in judging Sen. Obama for his long-standing relationship with this David Duke wannabe.

Until then, the Left's marching orders are: "Honesty in defense of Obama is no virtue, and idiocy in his defense is no vice."