Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"I Was Going To Have A Random Drug Test, But Then I Got High..."

Yesterday, more union stooges hit the streets of Boston to repeat their plan to protect us from deadly fires: "We'll keep sending stoned firefighters into burning buildings until you give us more money."

Do I exaggerate? Here is Scott Salman, spokesman for the Boston Firefighters Union:

“I’m sure [mandatory, random drug testing] will come up in our contract negotiations,” Mr. Salman said, adding that the Boston police received additional pay because of it. “We’d gladly do that if it were a contractual thing, if it were more money.”

Meanwhile, two firefighters with alcohol or drugs in their bloodstream died in West Roxbury; a firefighter was busted smoking pot while in a BFD vehicle; and another was just busted buying Oxy on the streets.

And yet Robert McCarthy, head of the Massachusetts firefighters union, says his union still refuses to agree to random, mandatory drug testing today. Why? "We want to be compensated."

Show me the money, he says, even after he's already been shown the dead, drunk and drugged up firemen.

As I asked of that greedy, gutless weasel Ed Kelly of the Boston firefighters union, "How many firefighters have to die before he will do the right thing? The answer, sadly, is 'more than two.'"