Thursday, May 01, 2008

Where Have All The Illegals Gone?

Just returned from the "No Worker Is Illegal" May Day Rally on Boston Common (sponsored in part, ironically, by the School Bus Driver's Union, an organization that considers every non-union bus driver "illegal"). And here's my report:

Cue the crickets.

Two years ago, Boston Common was covered with thousands of pro-open borders, anti-immigration-enforcement protesters. The shouts of "Si, Se Puede!" could be heard all the way to Beacon Hill.

Today, so few people were in attendance and so few of those actually spoke Spanish, that the chant died after a few anemic rounds.

Boston PD was on duty, but they had nothing to do. A couple dozen pro-border-security activists were just about able to shout down the entire "No Worker Is Illegal" contingent. They certainly out-argued them.

I'll be playing some fun audio from the event on my radio show Friday morning, including an interview with a real, live member of the Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society! Yes, she exists! She insists that the two Italian anarchist murderers were innocent (the latest scholarship suggests otherwise, by the way). And you'll be stunned to learn that she had "no comment" on Alger Hiss, believes Ethyl and Julius Rosenberg were "persecuted," and she's not really sure what happened on 9/11, either.

On tomorrow's show, I'll also ask this question: Where are the illegals and their advocates? Did they stay home this year because previous rallies have been viewed as counterproductive; or have they realized that all three presidential candidates are amnesty supporters and, therefore, their work is done?

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