Thursday, May 22, 2008

Military Veterans For Obama! Well, One Anyway...

His name is Captain James Yee, and he is an Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Here he is, in his own words, telling you why he supports Sen. Obama.

And here's the CNN story on James Yee's arrest after a US Customs official found he was carrying lists with names of detainees and interrogators when he left Guantanamo Bay and arrived in Florida. A Muslim chaplain serving at Gitmo, he eventually pleaded guilty to adultery and downloading porn onto a military computer (one of those observant Muslims, apparently) and left the Army.

But even better is this video of Obama delegate and disgraced military chaplain Yee attacking the US military on Syria. He repeats the now-debunked accusation that Korans were thrown into toilets at Gitmo and makes other accusations of bad behavior that he admits he never actually saw.

He just assumes the military is bad and America is guilty. Sounds like an Obama supporter to me.