Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Obama: "I Won't Attack McCain's Military Service...Anymore."

Is that what Sen. Obama really said in his speech yesterday? If so, his campaign couldn't keep that promise for even 24 hours.

As I said in my Boston Herald column today:

Sen. Barack Obama gave a speech about patriotism yesterday entitled “The America We Love.” After listening to the rhetoric coming from his campaign, I assume the big question at Obama HQ was “Who you calling ‘we?’ ”

As ABC reports, an Obama advisor is now claiming that McCain's military service and time as a POW make him LESS qualified to be president:

Obama adviser Rand Beers said yesterday that "because [McCain] was in isolation essentially for many of those years and did not experience the turmoil here or the challenges that were involved for those of us who served in Vietnam during the Vietnam war," that "to some extent his national security experience in that regard is sadly limited and I think it is reflected in some of the ways that he thinks about how U.S. forces might be committed to conflicts around the world."
OK, if John McCain's national security experience is "sadly limited," could someone please tell me what the heck Barack Obama's is?