Friday, March 24, 2006

What, A Riot?

The headline reads: "Gang Rampage Mars Rally On France's Job Laws." Gangs, you say? Rampaging, are they?

So who is it doing the rampaging? Angry French college grads waving Marxist slogans? Blue-collar French laborers from the farmlands? Who is this "gang?"

"Police have speculated that the gangs may be from the poor suburban areas that erupted in riots last fall," reports the Washington Times. You mean the Muslims?

Oh, non, non, non. They are "immigrants."

You mean Muslims, right?

Sacre bleu! No, they are "French-born children of immigrants," who also happen to be "largely from North Africa."

You mean they are Muslims whose families immigrated to France from Muslim countries, is that correct?

In the case of the French riots, as in many stories involving the "religion of peace," all I'm looking for is the story, the facts, the news. Sadly, I'm forced to look for it in a newspaper, and they are quickly becoming a very unreliable source.