Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Romney Outs Harvard's Support For Anti-Semitic Terror Sponsor!

Now the question is, does Harvard even care? Or are they still comfortably smug being the safest haven for anti-Semites this side of the Atlantic?

For a week we've been talking about Harvard's decision to usher in the fifth anniversary of 9/11 with a speech on "tolerance" from an anti-Semitic terror sponsor, former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami. Finally, somebody is speaking out.

Governor Romney issued an order that no state agencies cooperate in any way with Harvard bringing this loser to town on the eve of September 11th. In at least one state, state police were used to provide security for Mo "Kill All The Jews" Khatami, but not in Massachusetts.

The Boston Globe--which still hasn't written a single word about the $20 million Harvard took from a cash-sponsor of suicide bombers--refused to cover this story until this morning, and only did so because Gov. Romney's actions made it unavoidable. Is this lack of interest in what would is clearly a major local news story a reflection on the Globe's desire to brown-nose Harvard, or is it the case that murdering Jews just isn't considered big news on Morrissey Blvd.?

Regular readers of the Globe can be the judge.

However, while covering the story today, the Globe bends over backwards to make Khatami appear to be a liberal "reformer" with no ties whatsoever to Islamic extremism or anti-Semitism:

As president of Iran from 1997-2005, Khatami was originally seen as a reformer who opened up ties to the West and allowed more freedom of expression in Iran. But he remained in office during a major crackdown on student protest, in which thousands were arrested, including some who are still in prison. He was replaced by hard-liner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has defied international demands to curb Iran's nuclear program and has called for Israel to be ``wiped off" the map.

Really? Did Ahmad-Whack-i-Job really say that? And that's news over at the Globe, is it?

So, then why isn't it news that Mr. Khatami--you know, the guy who is actually coming to Boston?--said the SAME THING? That his position while president of Iran and still today is that the "criminal Zionists" should be wiped off the map?

And while we've talked about it quite a bit on my show, doesn't the Globe think it might be of some small interest to their readers that Khatami doesn't just "support" the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah, he actually oversaw the creation of Hezbollah by the Iranian regime in the 1980s?

Oh, but he's moderated since then--right? That's why Khatami stormed out of the 2006 World Conference of Religions for Peace last month when a rabbi stood up and spoke on behalf of giving Jewish prayer books to the soldiers kidnapped and held hostage by Hamas and Hezbollah.

He supports terror today. He's an anti-Semite today. His regime showers money on suicide bombers in Israel and roadside bombers in Iraq today...and the Boston Globe never once refers to Khatami as a terror supporter. And not a whisper on the Globe's editorial page about Harvard's horrific decision to bring him to town in time to be at Logan Airport on September 11th.

Sadly, it won't be the first time an Islamist terrorist was at Logan on that date.