Thursday, October 12, 2006

Deval Patrick Says: Vote Early And Vote Often

OK, so as far as I know Mr. Patrick hasn't said those precise words. But his public policy position on voter fraud is clear and indisputable: Deval Patrick supports making it easier to commit voter fraud and opposes meaningful efforts to stop it.

In other words, if you want illegal immigrants voting in your next election--Deval Patrick is your man!

First, Patrick has already announced he wants Massachusetts to knowingly give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. These come in handy at polling places if someone mistakenly asks to see ID.

Second, Patrick wants to give illegal aliens government-subsidized housing. Given that all you need to bring to the polls when you vote the first time is a utility bill, Patrick is making sure they aren't turned away.

Then Patrick goes the next step. He opposes a law requiring voters to show a legal photo ID. With a state overrun by illegal aliens with drivers licenses, this would seem like the obvious, common-sense way to protect the ballot box. Deval Patrick says "no way."

It's the "No Illegal Voter Left Behind" Act.

By the way, the illegal immigrants and their advocates have figured this out. A group called ACORN has already endorsed Patrick for governor. Meanwhile some of ACORN's members are under investigation right now for illegally registering children, non-citizens and DEAD PEOPLE to vote. More significantly, ACORN has repeatedly engaged in voter fraud.