Thursday, November 30, 2006

Deval Patrick's Weird Science

Governor-elect Deval Patrick supports efforts by Massachusetts to force the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide (you might recognize that as the gas you exhale every 10 seconds). He has also pledged to put Massachusetts in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a local "Kyoto Treaty" for New England states.

Why? Global warming, of course!

Everything you need to know about the weakness of the Al Gore/Global Warming "science" is here. The undeniable conclusion: Nobody knows what the earth's temperature is going to be in 100 years, and nobody knows if humans can do anything to significantly impact it even if we had to.

So let's focus instead on what we DO least all of us who aren't going to be Massachusetts' next governor:

1-- The RGGI will raise the cost of heating your home and business in Massachusetts, which might be a problem since we already have the highest energy costs in America;

2-- The RGGI will drive businesses out of Massachusetts and will keep new businesses from coming here. Why, because...

3-- Just as China and India aren't signing up for Kyoto (and raising their energy costs), Colorado and Indiana are signing up for RGGI. Why would a high-energy-consuming business like manufacturing come to Massachusetts when they can open the same factory in Missouri and not pay the RGGI costs?

Deval Patrick: Together We Can Drive Your Electricity Bill Through The Roof and Cost You Your Job, Too!