Monday, November 27, 2006

Radical Coup at Boston Area Mosque?

UPDATE! The Jewish Advocate has a new article on this story and the petition to support our immigration enforcement agents.

That might be the real story behind the federal government's crackdown on visa fraud by

As reported by Miss Kelly (among others), some members of the Islamic Center of New England’s mosque in Sharon are afraid to speak out about problems there after their moderate imam was pushed out last year by the now-indicted Hafiz Muhammed Masood.

Masood came to the attention of federal authorities during their successful prosecution of Muhammad Khalil on visa fraud charges. Prosecutors alleged that Khalil (pictured above) is an admirer of Osama bin Laden and his jihadist philosophy, and they caught him on tape praising bin Laden and calling for Muslims to "arm themselves”" for "another attack."

What's the connection between Khalil of NYC and Masood of Boston? We don't know yet, other than it appears they both abused the religious-workers visa system to help Muslims immigrate to America under false pretenses.

The usual suspects, such as the pro-Hamas Muslim American Society-Boston, have denounced the arrest of the Boston-area imams as anti-Islamic bigotry. But does the MAS have anything to say about what's actually happening at the ICNE, or the allegations that the clerics and congregation there are becoming radicalized?

If only moderate Muslims would get half as angry at the people destroying the image of Islam as they do at people who draw pictures of the Prophet.