Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ivy League Free Speech: Anti-Semites, Yes! Islam Critics, No!

New England liberals dismissed my complaints about terror-sponsor and anti-Semite Mohammed Khatemi speaking at Harvard a few weeks ago, claiming that my fellow protestors and I didn't understand the concept of free speech.

They were wrong, as usual ("free" speech does not equal "consequence-free" speech).

But where are those liberals today now that Nonie Darish, author of Now They Call Me Infidel, has been banned from Brown University?

Muslim students pressured their fellow students to dis-invite Ms. Darwish and silence her criticism of the harsh and horrific treatment of women in the Muslim world. Interestingly, one of the groups that backed down under Muslim pressure was a campus women's-rights group.

You go, girls! Way to stand up for the sisters!

Well, you can keep the infidel out of Brown, but you can't keep her off the airwaves. Ms. Darwish is scheduled to be my guest tonight in the 8pm hour. If you know any students at Brown, please spread the word and tell them to turn their radios WAY UP!
UPDATE: Freedom wins! Just interviewed Ms. Darwish and she told me that Brown has now re-extended an invitation for her to speak--this time on behalf of the entire school! The blogosphere and talk radio win another victory for free speech.