Friday, November 24, 2006

Why The West Is Losing, Part XXXVI

This posting from Jim Geraghty at NRO just makes me want to cry. It appears to be about the recent poisoning of one of Russian President Putin's enemies, but it's really about the West's absolute refusal to face the fight that is upon us.

The part of this post that tells the most tragic truth about liberalism's ongoing cultural suicide is the email Jim received from an angry reader who denies both the facts (our enemies use murder, torture and horrific weapons like chemicals without pause) and the obvious conclusions (negotiating with these dirtbags is useless).

The Left is literally running away from reality. They simply will not follow any facts, as long as those facts lead to the conclusion that we must act with force to defend ourselves.

If you're one of these cultural cowards, could you just surrender now, convert to Islam and force your wife into a burkha now? Because I'd like to go ahead and get started ignoring you right away.