Friday, November 03, 2006

Or As The Boston Globe-Democrat Will Report It...

..."Bush Sucks!"

AP--"The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to its lowest in nearly 5-1/2 years during October as 92,000 more jobs were added and hiring in each of the two prior months was revised up, a government report on Friday showed.

It revised up September's job-creation total to 148,000, or nearly three times the 51,000 it reported a month ago, and said there were 230,000 new jobs in August instead of 188,000.
The unemployment rate fell in October to 4.4 percent from 4.6 percent in September.

It was the lowest unemployment rate since 4.3 percent in May 2001."

And remember: Nancy Pelosi promises the Democrats will "turn this economy around." She probably will.

UPDATE: More details on the US economy four days before an election:

  • Real Wages Grew 2.4 Percent Over The Past 12 Months. This means an extra $755 for the average full-time production worker or about $1,327 for the typical family of four with two wage earners.
  • Real After-Tax Income Per Person Has Risen By 9.8 Percent – $2,660 – Since President Bush Took Office.
  • Our Economy Has Grown A Solid 2.9 Percent Over The Past Four Quarters – Faster Than Any Other Major Industrialized Country.
  • Productivity Has Grown At An Annual Rate Of 3 Percent Since The First Quarter Of 2001, Up From A 2.4 Percent Annual Rate During The Preceding Five Years.
  • Gas Prices Have Fallen Almost 82 Cents A Gallon Since Early August.
  • Employment Has Increased In All But One State Over The Past 12 Months Ending In September.

UPDATE: Here's the actual headline from the editorial page editor of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution re: the American economy:

"U.S. economy's downhill slide picks up speed"