Friday, November 03, 2006

The REAL Grace Ross Controversy

According to published reports, a talk show host has been fired for calling Green-Rainbow Party gubernatorial candidate Grace Ross a "fat lesbian."

I didn't hear the comments, but I do find the controversy confusing.

As regular listeners know, I have refused to even say Ms. Ross's name on the air or discuss her candidacy in any way. It has nothing to do with her sexuality (who cares that she's a lesbian?) or her size (who cares that she is overweight?)

It has everything to do with her horrific politics. What should concern people is that she is openly anti-Semitic.

Until coming to Massachusetts, I'd never seen a televised debate featuring a candidate for a major office who attended pro-Hezbollah rallies. Or a candidate who went to memorial services commemorating the terrorist murderers of Black September.

Grace Ross's party, the GRP, does not believe Israel has the right to exist. In fact, their website labels Israel as an area "referred to by some people as Israel, the West Bank and Gaza."

No wonder Ms. Ross supports the complete divestiture of all American assets from Israel. She believes the victims of the suicide bombers and Hezbollah missiles are the REAL terrorists.

Here's my question: Who cares whether or not she needs Jenny Craig? She supports people who murder Jews! Hello--isn't that a significant political issue?

And by the way, we're not talking about events from her misspent youth here. Ms. Ross has done all these things DURING the current campaign. The memorial for the Black September terrorists she attended was held this September--hours after she attended a candidate event at a local synagogue.

If I were going to waste air time on this babbling, Jew-hating Commie-wannabe, I'd be talking about how until a few weeks ago, the co-chair of Ms. Ross's Green-Rainbow Party was notorious anti-Semite and terror supporter ("I would be a suicide bomber") Ron Francis of Andover. I'd talk about the maps Ms. Ross's supporters wave at their rallies showing the Middle East without an Israel on them.

I certainly wouldn't be talking about her appearance or her sexual preferences. There's a real story about Grace Ross that's worth telling (if anyone cares).

And do I even have to point out that the Boston Globe-Democrat has yet to report one word of it?