Monday, December 18, 2006

Boston's Gay Old Time!

Developers are planning to build at least two condo communities in the Hub catering specifically to homosexual senior citizens. Some Boston politicians are scratching their heads over this, having tried to build condos specifically for local seniors, but had their plans shot down because they might violate Fair Housing laws.

How can the city allow housing that openly discriminates against heterosexuals? Are the developers bigots, or are they just looking for owners who are also excellent interior decorators?

Some gay advocates claim these communities are legal because they don't overtly ban heterosexuals. However, check out some recent housing ads that were prosecuted by the city of Boston:

"all of your neighbors in this loft building are professionals"; "great location for Medical area or Northeastern students"; "four bed ... great for four or five people"; "owner lives in the building and is older so not a place for partying."

If this language is too discriminatory, how in the world can developers announce, "we can't stop heterosexuals from living here, but these condos are really for gays?"

Margery Eagan thinks gays-preferred housing is terrific, and she says the only people who could possibly object are "Mitt Romney and his Neanderthal nuclear family set."

Yeah, that nuclear family, what a disaster. If only we could have more kids raised by non-intact-nuclear families, then we'd have some terrific outcomes for our children!