Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Our Dope Of The Day!

Today's winner--in a landslide--is Paul Richards, principal of Needham (MA) High School and the man responsible for taking the "honor" from the Honor Roll.

Richards has ended the school's practice of publishing the names of Honor Roll achievers in the local paper because, as he puts it, "The publishing of an honor roll has been identified as a potential contributor to the focus on grades." (emphasis added).

What?! A public school that focuses on grades? What an outrage! What's next-- a football team that focuses on points?

The problem with honoring the Honor Roll, Richards says, is that "When you make the honor roll public, there's a set of values that go behind it." You know, like accomplishment, excellence, hard work, dedication...oh, the humanity!

These are clearly values that we need to keep out of our government run schools. Why, if we start differentiating between students based on their performance, someone might suggest doing the same for the teachers.

No wonder it had to be stopped.

UPDATE: Want to know the real problem at Needham High? Just read this pathetic p.c. "mission statement." 'Nuff said.