Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's A Trans Fat Ex-TRANS-A-Ganza!

It's "All-Trans Fat, All The Time" on the Michael Graham Experience today. Join me for an on-air Trans Fat Rave from 3-7pm today.

We're going to discuss the latest attempts by the Food Nazis to ban trans fat here in Massachusetts. And I'm going to kill myself.

No, really. Trans fats will kill you, right? They're poisonous, right? That's why we have to ban them outright, instead of merely watching how much trans fat we eat.

So I'm going to spend the entire show today eating deadly, toxic, soon-to-be-banned-in-Boston trans fats live on the air. In fact, I am on an all-trans-fat diet at this very moment. I'm not eating anything for the duration that does NOT include trans fat.

Obviously, I'm a dead man. But if I'm not, will the nitwits on Beacon Hill still ban the world's best french fries?

UPDATE: Here are the facts about trans fat.